Interview with Vincenzo Campitelli the "solitary-player"

  • Mar 4, 2016
  • By: Subbuteo

His name is Vincenzo Campitelli, an Italian professor who, for work reasons, lives since 2006 in South Korea. Great LW collector (arguably the most important collection of Asia), is known as "solitary-player". A true fan of Subbuteo.

How old were you when you started playing Subbuteo?

I was 10 years old when I saw Subbuteo game for the first time at my cousin’s house. It was an unforgettable image: the extended green pitch with 2 aligned teams and accessories which made a very familiar picture, like a football field. It was love at first sight.

Do you remember how you get your first Subbuteo?

My first Subbuteo was a gift from my father. He gave me a Club Edition, which was the basic playset with two teams I still remember: Scotland Aberdeen (Ref 597) and the really uncommon Lokeren from Belgium (Ref 525). From that moment on Subbuteo became part of my life.

With which team did you used to play when you started playing Subbuteo?

My favourite team was the Swansea, “Zombie” version (ref 236). I loved it and is still my favourite one. Whenever I play with this team in my individual tournaments (because living in Korea means playing alone) I feel a little nostalgic..

Are you collector? What’s your collection preferred team?

I’m a "solitary-player" and a classic lw teams collector like Parodi Black Box. My favourite team? It’s difficult to chose one in particular, but I do have some preference for Wycombe Wanderers (ref. 804)

What do you think about the return of Subbuteo to the shops?

I can’t be more than happy to see our beloved Subbuteo back in stores. Besides the clubs and national teams I hope that in the future we can see the complete catalogues of teams and accessories same as the ones I looked when I was a child.

How do you encourage people to become new Subbuteo players?

If you like football, then you will like Subbuteo. Start collecting many teams as in my opinion it’s a simple way to increase our football culture. I must confess that my international football interest grew uo thanks to the names and uniforms of the foreign teams you could see in the Subbuteo catalogue.

Have you any other hobbies?

Good question! I really have many hobbies, but working as a collegue teachedr and as an honorific consular agent for Italy in Korea, my free time is really limited. One of my greatest passions , as an example, has been the study of foreign languages modern and ancient. I also enjoy listening to the radio as I am a faithful listener of “Tutto Esurito” directed by Marco Galli, Italy’s most famous DJ.

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