Interview with Ray Trench

  • Apr 18, 2016
  • By: Subbuteo

Ray Trench, from Greatham, uncovered the Christmas 1966 wishlist of his brother Paul last year. Paul died aged nine after a viral infection of the blood in February 1967. One of Paul’s wishes was a Subbuteo set, and after the story reached the creators of the game, they made a personalised edition dedicated to the memory of the boy.

Did you play Subbuteo when you was a child?

Yes, I did, I played Subbuteo with my brothers, we all got Subbuteo for Xmas and we played together.

What was your favourite Subbuteo team?

I think we had some with stripes like Newcastle but I was support of Arsenal so I used to play with Arsenal. There were some hard Newcastle – Arsenal matches every weekend.

Why you decided to share your history in the social networks?

Well, when I found the letter of my brother I decided to share this touching memories with my family and friends in Facebook

Did you expect this huge repercussion?

No, I didn’t. This is a clear example of how social networks could be a fantastic idea if you use it in the right way.

What team do you support?

Newcastle United! We are not doing pretty well this season and we’re fighting not to be relegated to Championship with the new coach Rafa Benitez. It will be hard but I hope we get it.

What do you think about this trip to Madrid?

First of all, I’m totally overwhelmed with this gesture from UEFA and from Subbuteo, I must say when I was invited to BBC Tees to be interviewed by Neil Green about my brother’s Santa letter and they gift me your present (a customized version of Subbuteo with the photo of his younger brother Paul) I got in tears and I was stuck for words.

And about the match? (Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg)

Well, I has been a very good match with fantastic performances of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, the best Welsh player. I’ve enjoyed a lot

Finally, what about England National team in the next Eurocup?

We have a lot of young and talented players and a very good coach, Roy Hogdson. After our last victory against Germany we had great expectations, but we didn’t done so well against Holland so we must be cautious.

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